At Original Supplies, we are deeply committed to providing an accessible and user-friendly website experience for all visitors, including those with disabilities. 

Original Supplies Web Accessibility

To make our website more user-friendly and navigable, we have implemented several accessibility enhancements:

  1. Simple and easy-to-follow layout: We have maintained a consistent and tidy layout across our website, making it easy for users to locate and access information.

  1. Descriptive image text: We strive to offer descriptive alternative text for every image on our website. This practice allows users with visual impairments to comprehend the content conveyed through images.

  1. Keyboard-friendly navigation: Our website can be easily used with a keyboard, making it user-friendly for those who rely on keyboard navigation.

  1. Optimal color contrast: We've chosen colors carefully to make sure that text and background have enough contrast to help users with visual impairments read more easily.

  1. Structured headings: Our web pages are organized with clear and descriptive headings, making it easier for users to navigate through our content effectively.

External Content

While we make efforts to support accessibility, there are instances where we may not have direct control over certain third-party content on our website. However, we actively collaborate with these providers to promote improvements in accessibility and resolve any associated issues.

Your Feedback Matters to Us

We value your input as it plays an important role in our ongoing efforts to improve website accessibility. If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns about the accessibility of our website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:


Phone: 1-800-230-1423

We appreciate your visit to Original Supplies and remain committed to making our website accessible to all, promoting equal access to information and services for every individual, regardless of their abilities.